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1. Submit a job

Once you have filled out a job request form, our database runs an algorithm based on your answers and recommends interpreters who have the right combination of industry expertise and price to your job. We the human matchmakers check to make sure the search ran smoothly and then send out invites.Create a Job

2. Confirm your account

Before you can view matches you’ll need to confirm your account: check your spam folder for a confirmation link. This will grant you access to your dashboard where you will manage jobs, view profiles of interpreters that have applied, and (once the job is over) settle payment.

3. View matches

You’ll receive emails notifying you when interpreters apply and it’ll take an average of 1 hour from the time you submit a job to seeing your first match on your dashboard. Check out their profiles, watch a selfie video, schedule an interview and hire knowing these interpreters have been personally matchmaked to you.

4. Confirm hire

We’re different than most interpretation companies: book with Cadence in confidence knowing there are no long term commitments and no cancellation policies. Once you’re all set to hire simply click “Hire” then “Confirm” next to the interpreter you want. The interpreter will then reach out to you via email so you can coordinate over prep materials, specific objectives, and meeting times offline.

5. Talk business by the hour

Business meetings, negotiations, document translation. remote conference calls, factory tours, research projects: no long term commitments, just pay by the hour for time you used. The clock starts when you ask the interpreter to arrive and ends when you tell them to leave. No paying for prep time either. It’s already packaged in the price.

6. Pay later

We take all major credit cards and bank transfers. Payment isn’t due till after the assignment but prepay and you’ll receive a 5% discount on all services. Just ping us via the chat bubble for prepayment. Wondering how we calculate pricing?  Read more here

Watch selfie videos of your candidates

In the age of media overload, drone deliveries, and snap judgments, we realized selfie videos were the key to sorting through all the noise.

By the numbers

4.9 / 5

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"Cadence was a lifesaver. I was traveling to China to discuss medical devices opportunities. They connected me with an interpreter who made my life so much easier."
Lilac MullerPhD
"I was in Beijing with a conference in the morning. It was 9pm and I need a translator ASAP. Cadence had one there at 8am who crushed it. Unreal."
Rob SpectreDeveloper
"When my team has phone calls that need translation, the Cadence team is super fast at staffing someone. It eliminates the language barrier and makes our phone calls much more productive."
Andrew ChungInvestor, 1955 Capital
Pay by the hour. With a credit card. After the meeting happens. Easy peasy.
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Resources to Help You Get Started


We’re not one of those over-suppled platforms like some competitors we know. There are 2 jobs for every 1 interpreter registered.

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  • Do I have to upload a selfie video?
  • Is my profile private?
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We know doing business abroad is hard. Finding an interpreter that understands your industry shouldn’t be.

  • How do I know the interpreter that applied is right for me?
  • How do I pay?
  • What are the Terms and Conditions
  • How do I get in contact with an interpreter?
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We are always looking to expand our pool of translators. You might be thinking “Cadence is interpreter only.” Wrong.

  • Why does Cadence seem to be only marketing itself as an interpreting platform?
  • Can I actually make money with Cadence?
  • I don’t interpret but I do translate, how can I sign up?
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